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Why Every Home Needs Houseplants

Why Every Home Needs Houseplants

Although they require maintenance, houseplants offer many important benefits to the homeowner. You can incorporate plants into your interior decor for aesthetic benefits, but you’ll also find that there are some environmental perks to having live plants in your home. As you look for the best plants for your decorative needs, consider the following ways that they can improve your home environment.

Houseplants Support Brain Function

Studies indicate that indoor plants may improve focus for students and others. Additionally, they may reduce stress and fatigue. In fact, the American Horticultural Therapy Association has noted that natural surroundings can provide improved memory and cognitive performance. When winter prevents you from enjoying outside plant life, houseplants are an excellent alternative.

Environmental Management

The natural processes of houseplants also support a healthy indoor environment. Photosynthesis, for example, makes use of the carbon dioxide expelled when you breathe. Your houseplants use that carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They also release the majority of water that they use, which can support the humidity levels in your home. Further, many houseplants can filter toxins from the air in your home. You may not even be aware of the volatile organic compounds circulating, released by office products, laundry supplies, construction materials, and more. Your indoor plants, however, may trap these materials and protect your air supply in the process.

Residential Indoor Air Quality

Although plants provide excellent support for your home environment, you may find that some issues require mechanical solutions as well. For example, the winter air and your heating equipment can cause humidity levels to drop to unhealthy levels. Susceptibility to winter illnesses may dictate your need for intensive home filtration with germicidal equipment. Tight sealing in your home may improve your comfort levels, but indoor air pollution could increase because of a reduction in ventilation.

Quick Servant’s IAQ Solutions

If your houseplants are not completely addressing your indoor air quality needs, Quick Servant can provide support through an evaluation of your home environment. We offer top solutions for air filtration, ventilation, humidification, and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.