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Why Is My Office So Humid?

Just because it’s humid outside doesn’t mean it should be humid indoors. Considering the summer months can be the most humid time of the year, fighting humidity can feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, removing the humidity in your office or commercial space can be pretty simple. Learn more here.

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5 Causes for High Humidity In Your Office

As you know, too much moisture in the air is what causes humidity. When moist air forms, it can become trapped in areas that are closed off from the rest of your office, like corners, small rooms, attics, basements and the like. As for the extra moisture, it likely comes from one of these common sources:

1. Poor Ventilation

If your office isn’t properly ventilated, outdoor humidity can become trapped inside of your home.

2. Bathrooms

If your bathroom isn’t properly ventilated, it’s is likely one of the most humid areas in your office. If the humid air isn’t ventilated out, it can become trapped, making the room feel damp.

3. Cooking

We all love a fresh meal, but when things get steamy in the kitchen, the moisture given off can linger in the air and increase the humidity in your space. In addition, washing dishes with hot water and running the dishwasher can contribute to excess humidity. While not offices have the luxury of a kitchen, if yours does, be sure the are is properly ventilated.

4. Overcooling

Sometimes areas of your office can get too cool. When too much cold air is produced, condensation can form, which will make your space feel humid.

5. The Dryer

If your place of work has a dryer, be sure it’s properly vented. When your dryer does its job, it turns water into vapor, which should be vented outside of your office. But if your dryer vent is venting inside your office, it will essentially be pumping lots of extra vapor into your office.

How to Lower Humidity In Your Commercial Building

Excess humidity in your office isn’t just an annoyance but it could be dangerous too. Moist areas can quickly turn into a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, mold and the like, which can be hazardous to you and your coworkers or employees. Fortunately, once you have located the source of the humidity, you can make the necessary steps to remove the excess moisture.

If extra humidity is making your office uncomfortable, a dehumidifier can help. Freestanding dehumidifiers are a quick solution, but having a dehumidifier installed in your handler will be able to remove humidity throughout your entire office.

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