Ice Machine Cleaning Checklist

Ice Machine Cleaning Checklist

Developing a consistent cleaning regimen for your ice machine is essential. Not only does regular cleaning ensure your machine produces quality ice, but it also helps extend the efficient and effective lifespan of your investment. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. When it comes to cleaning your commercial ice machine, here is your complete checklist from start to finish.

7 Step Ice Machine Maintenance and Cleaning Checklist

Step 1. Remove Ice Before Cleaning

Your machine needs to be empty of ice, so remove or dispose any remaining cubes before cleaning.

Step 2. Clean the Water System

Follow the instructions on your specific machine model’s user manual to clean the water system. A clean water system can significantly improve your ice machine’s overall efficiency and output.

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Step 3. Remove and Inspect Water Filters

Water filters can greatly impact the quality of ice your machine is producing. They condition incoming water, reduce the machine’s cleaning and maintenance frequency, improve the taste of ice and ultimately enable the machine to operate at peak efficiency and performance.

Step 4. Check the Filtration System and Water Pressure

Check your ice machine’s water filtration system to ensure no pressure drops are occurring due to possible blockage of restrictions.

Step 5. Visually Inspect Entire Machine

Take a visual inventory of all components comprising your ice machine—the evaporator, water sensors, cube sizing controls, water distributor parts, thermistors, water hoses, water sump or reservoir and water valve. The water valve needs to be free of any debris or blockage that could be restricting water to your machine.

Step 6. Sanitize All Components

Follow the manufacturer’s user instructions to sanitize the entire machine after cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the machine’s dispenser and storage bin as well.

Step 7. Return Parts and Observe

Return all the parts and components to their appropriate location and then observe two cycles. Make sure you dispose of the first batch of ice produced immediately after cleaning as it could contain any cleaning solutions used in the initial cubes.

Keep an Ice Machine Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning times for ice machines average between 30, 60, and 90 days, but consult your user’s manual to find out how often your model requires cleaning. The frequency of cleaning will also depend on the location of your ice machine. If it’s located near any foods containing yeast, bacteria could impact operation.

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