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HVAC System Maintenance Guide

No matter how new your commercial heating or cooling system is, use over time will eventually cause wear and can lead to lower efficiency. Routine HVAC system maintenance is the most effective way to keep your air conditioning or furnace functioning.

The professionals at Quick Servant specialize in commercial HVAC services, and can provide the services you need to help prolong the life of your unit. HVAC systems need regular maintenance and care, similar to how we visit the doctor for a checkup or the dentist for a cleaning. Maintenance checks can help you save time and money in the following ways:

  • Reduce the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Lower energy bills
  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Prolong your system’s life span
  • Enjoy greater overall comfort in your building or facility
  • Increase safety

Have you ever needed to provide a warm work space during the cold winter months, only to have your heating system fail? Our commercial heating equipment experts can help you avoid those scenarios in the future, with recommendations for maintenance and more. Additionally, our service technicians have are experts in maintaining, repairing and installing cooling systems, with services available 24/7/365.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Your heating and cooling needs can be met with properly working systems. Those systems are investments that should be protected. Quick Servant has compiled a helpful HVAC maintenance checklist to inform you of just some of the preventative services we offer.

Our certified technicians will first address your current HVAC system’s status (age, current condition, previous maintenance, brand, size, location, etc.) We will then complete the following items and more:

  • Replace:
    • Filters
    • Worn or broken belts
  • Lubricate:
    • Parts
  • Inspections and safety checks of:
    • Flue system
    • Ignition, burners
    • Dampeners
    • Coils, condensers
    • Heat exchanger, pump, and components
    • Blades, fan motor, and blowers
    • Ductwork
    • Wiring and electrical connections
    • System cabinet
    • Refrigerant charge
    • Other items
  • Test for:
    • Leaks (gas, air, etc.)
    • Proper airflow
    • Gas pressure
    • Hazardous materials/gas (carbon monoxide)
    • Thermostat function
  • Clean and clear:
  • Debris/ dust/ dirt, from ducts, intakes, exhaust, registers, and within indoor and outdoor equipment
  • Mold, bacteria
  • Clogs from drain lines
  • Water or other liquids from drip pans, drains, etc.

When we visit, we may suggest upgrading to a programmable thermostat (if yours is conventional) and changing the batteries (if you have a thermostat with a battery warning system.)

Professional Preventative Maintenance

At Quick Servant, we recommend scheduling maintenance checkups twice per year to complete the items mentioned above. Through our maintenance program, our experienced professionals will visit you bi-annually to ensure cleanliness, efficiency and the proper function of your HVAC system.

HVAC Maintenance Schedule

Quick Servant advises you to consistently follow the bi-annual HVAC maintenance schedule to complete the items on the HVAC maintenance checklist. Our certified technicians generally complete maintenance visits once in the spring or summer, and again in the fall or winter.

Our customers often have other building needs to take care of, as well. Refresh your business, with commercial building repair and maintenance from our professional team. From minor electric and plumbing issues, to tile installation, painting and caulking, we can take care of the job.

Join Our Preventative Maintenance Program Today

At Quick Servant, we understand your HVAC system is a big investment. That’s why our annual maintenance plan is designed to keep your system functioning efficiently for years to come. Ready to become a member or have questions for our team? Give us a call today at (888) 238-4133 or contact us online to learn more.