Inside of a commercial fridge

Commercial Fridge Not Keeping Temperature

Is your commercial refrigerator’s temperature off? That can cause a number of issues for you.

But you’ve come to the right place to find out why this is happening.

You could probably flip through your manual, but that takes time. TIme you might not have.

So let’s see if we can get a quick answer to why your refrigerator isn’t working like it’s supposed to.

Here are the most common reasons why your fridge’s temperature is off. And what to do about them.

Check the Power Source

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Maybe you already started there, or maybe that seems funny, but this fixes the problem for many people.

And wouldn’t it be nice if it were that simple?

The issue really could be as simple as making sure the refrigerator is plugged in to a working outlet. Or allowing it to clear the control panel if it’s still in diagnostic mode. This may have been the first thing you tried, but if you haven’t, start with disconnecting the refrigerator for 30 seconds.

Note: Never use extension cords for commercial fridges, most manufacturers will void the warranty.

Check Placement

Where’s your refrigerator located?

This may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

Is your fridge too close to the wall?

It’s important for the condenser to have enough ventilation, so make sure the refrigerator has proper air clearance.

Typically, at least 1 inch of clearance is needed on each side, top and back of the refrigerator.

Clearance requirements may vary so check your model’s manual.

Check Thermostat

Is the thermostat reading the right temperature?

Sometimes a faulty thermostat can be the issue.

Use a thermometer to make sure your thermostat is accurate.

If it’s reading the wrong temperature, your fridge may have blocked vents or a broken thermostat. A wrong temperature read could mean blocked vents or a broken thermostat.

Commercial refrigerator thermostats can be faulty in two ways, either in an open or closed position.

Is your fridge not running at all? Then your thermostat is in an open position.

If your fridge is running constantly, your thermostat is in a closed position.

Making sure that the problem is with your thermostat requires some electrical testing, which can be dangerous, so it’s better to call a local plumbing service to help you fix the problem.

Check the Compressor

In order to run the way it’s supposed to, your refrigerator needs a compressor.

So if your compressor isn’t working right or it’s failed, your fridge won’t work right either.

The compressor keeps your stored items cool and at the right temperature.

Most companies recommend cleaning their compressors every 90 days. So if you want to see if the compressor is the issue, check to see when the last time you cleaned it was.

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned it, dirt, grease, or more could have built up and prevented your compressor from functioning.

Try cleaning your compressor and see if that helps. If not, you may need to replace the compressor.

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