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Commercial HVAC/R & Cooking Equipment Services

As a business owner, manager or chef, you understand the importance of providing customers with quality service. So, when you hire a contractor to provide a service for your business, you expect them to go above and beyond, just like you do for your customers.

At Quick Servant, our professional technicians are not only highly skilled in their respective fields, but in customer service as well. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your business’s heating and cooling system, or you need an emergency refrigeration system repair, you can rely on Quick Servant to get the job done quickly and with as little disturbance to your daily operations as possible. We pride ourselves in “first time fixes,” which means less downtime and lower maintenance and repair budgets for you, the end user!


Commercial HVAC Repair, Maintenance and Installation

Maintaining a comfortable environment is vital in keeping your employees, clients and customers happy. When your heating and cooling system is not running smoothly, your business may suffer. In addition to efficient system installations and performance boosting preventive maintenance, we provide 24-hour emergency repairs so an AC breakdown will never force you to close up shop.

HVAC Services

Commercial Refrigeration Repair, Maintenance and Installation

In any business that deals with food and meal preparation, properly functioning refrigerators and freezers are an absolute necessity. When something goes wrong with your refrigeration equipment, it can lead to loss of business and loss of inventory. Quick Servant provides the quality refrigeration products your business needs to thrive as well as emergency repair service to keep things cool around the clock.


Cooking Equipment Repair, Maintenance and Installation

When your cooking equipment is constantly breaking down or underperforming, providing each customer with a delicious meal can be a challenge. From fryers, to steamers, to pizza ovens, we provide the quality cooking equipment services you need to deliver a great meal every time. We know how crucial your cooking equipment is to your business’s operation, so whether you need installation services, a repair, or maintenance, Quick Servant covers it all.

Cooking Equipment

Building Maintenance and Repairs

Let’s face it. The wear and tear on your building is non-stop. High traffic zones suffer minor and major damage and work areas become dingy and decrepit because of nonstop use. Our building maintenance repair services are affordable and completed quickly, with as little intrusion as possible.

Building Maintenance

Quick Servant Provides Quality Products and Services Your Business Needs!

Quick Servant is proud to help businesses throughout the Delmarva area succeed with our quality service and affordable prices. When you come to us for your HVAC, refrigeration, cooking equipment or building maintenance needs, we strive to be the only contractor you’ll ever need to call. Day or night, you’ll always receive a friendly staff member on the line who is ready to help. Give us a call today at (888) 238-4133 and let us go above and beyond to meet your needs!