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The Different Types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you work in a commercial kitchen, you’ll be aware of the wide range of commercial kitchen equipment available. A commercial kitchen must be fully equipped with trusted appliances, ready to prepare countless dishes to perfection, often in a high-speed, fast-paced environment.

Different Types of Kitchen Equipment

There are many different types of commercial kitchen equipment, some that are more essential than others, but each with its own purpose. Commercial kitchen equipment can include the following items and more.

  • Commercial freezers
  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Pizza ovens
  • Combi-ovens
  • Pressure and open fryers
  • Coffee machines
  • Toasters
  • Holding cabinets and food warmers
  • Convection ovens
  • Stoves
  • Kettles, steamers and smokers
  • Disposals
  • Dish machines
  • Proofers
  • Exhaust fans and hoods

When it comes to assessing your commercial kitchen equipment to determine what your kitchen could benefit from, reviewing the types of kitchen tools and equipment listed here is a good place to start.

Different Types of Kitchen Equipment and Their Uses

How important each type of kitchen equipment is will depend on the type of commercial kitchen you run. If you run a coffee shop, it’s likely that your coffee machine is one essential you can’t do without. If your restaurant is a favorite spot for fried food, perhaps the open fryer is one kitchen item you can’t do without.  If you own a pizza restaurant, there’s no doubt your pizza oven is essential. Here we focus on three of the most important pieces of commercial kitchen equipment found in most commercial kitchens.

Our top 3 include:

  • Commercial freezers
  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Commercial oven & stove

Commercial Freezer

A commercial freezer helps food last longer. With such high turnover of ingredients, it can be difficult to get purchasing perfect. Your freezer will help keep ingredients fresher for longer, to reduce food waste and keep unnecessary costs down. When your freezer stops working, a huge amount of meat, vegetables and other food can be lost, impacting your productivity and bottom line. Ensure your commercial freezer is regularly maintained so that you can identify potential issues early, and trust it to keep working for you.

Commercial Refrigerator

Keep fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy products fresher for longer with your commercial refrigerator. Commercial refrigerators offer plenty of space to keep everything you need cool. If your commercial refrigerator goes wrong, plenty of items will turn bad before you have the chance to use them. Keep your commercial refrigerator running smoothly with regular maintenance checks.

Commercial Oven & Stove

Without a commercial oven or stove, very little can take place in your commercial kitchen. Regular maintenance checks are essential for commercial ovens and stoves to ensure they keep working, but also to ensure the safety of your employees. Even if you’re famous for your cold sandwiches and salads, it’s likely you can’t afford to have your commercial oven or stove out of action for long.

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