Tips for Cleaning a Commercial Pizza Oven

How to Clean a Commercial Pizza Oven

Cleaning your commercial pizza oven and needs some tips to help get the job done right? Looking for ways to maintain the health and operation of your commercial pizza oven is a great start to a healthier and happier commercial kitchen. Follow our guide of three tips you can adopt in your daily cleaning schedule to keep your commercial pizza oven in optimal working condition:

Clean When It’s Cold

If you remember nothing else in this blog, remember this: Clean your commercial pizza oven only when it’s cold. You do not want to risk getting burned — or worse setting something on fire. Imagine what it might look like to clean your hot oven with a dry rag. You get what we are saying. Clean when it’s cold.

Cleaning a Conveyor Commercial Pizza Oven

If you have a conveyor oven, make sure it is unplugged before you clean it. Take out the belt and spray it with an oven cleaner. Clean the fingers of the oven as well, as this is where cheese and other food debris dries and sticks. Take out the fingers and spray them with oven cleaner. Clean out the inside of the oven. Once dry, replace all parts.

Cleaning a Countertop Commercial Pizza Oven

Follow the same steps for the conveyor pizza oven, but keep in mind it probably will be a bit easier. Countertop ovens often have crumb trays that release easily and are super easy to clean.

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