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Useful Life Of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The equipment used in any commercial kitchen is critical to the success of every business that depends on it to produce high-quality food products for its customers. Eventually, even the best industrial kitchen equipment will have to be replaced due to age or wear. However, with proper maintenance and care over the life span of a commercial appliance, they can provide many years of trouble-free service.

Here are some general guidelines on the expected useful life of commercial kitchen equipment and tips on available options when equipment reaches the end of its life span.

Useful Life Of Kitchen Equipment

It certainly would be helpful to know the exact life span of a particular piece of commercial kitchen equipment, but there are so many variable factors that go into such estimates that it is difficult to come up with a definite answer.

According to industry experts, a good rule of thumb is that maintained piece of industrial kitchen or food processing equipment should last at least 10 years or more. This estimate is, of course, going to depend on how much a unit was used and how well it was maintained. Due to extreme use, some kitchen equipment might need repairs within 3-5 years, while others could be problem-free much longer.

How To Know When Aging Commercial Kitchen Equipment Should Be Replaced

Here are some important factors to consider when deciding when commercial kitchen appliances should be replaced with newer equipment.

Safety – The moment a piece of a restaurant or commercial kitchen equipment becomes unsafe to operate, it should be replaced at once. Safety involves not only the people operating the appliances but also the food that is being processed with such equipment. If a refrigerator is not cooling meat or perishable products like it should and cannot be repaired, it should be taken out of service.

Performance – The old saying that time is money is certainly true in the commercial food business. If an appliance is slowing down the efficiency of your operation’s food production and it cannot be remedied by repairing it, strong consideration should be given to replacing the unit.   

Constant Repairs –Making repairs as needed to kitchen equipment can be an extremely cost-effective way to keep older units going, but there might come a time when constant repairs become cost-prohibitive. In the long run, purchasing a new piece of equipment often makes better financial sense than investing a lot of money into an older unit.

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