7 Ways to Create the Perfect Atmosphere for Your Restaurant

7 Ways to Create the Perfect Atmosphere for Your Restaurant

After food quality and service, ambience is the single most important aspect of restaurant success. Here are seven simple ways to create the perfect atmosphere for your restaurant.

How to Create the Perfect Restaurant Atmosphere

1. Restaurant Lighting

Your preferred lighting will depend on the character and style of your particular restaurant. For a more romantic atmosphere, go with subtle and dim lighting. If your restaurant has more of a lively, exciting vibe, match it with a bright atmosphere.

2. Furniture

Comfortable and stylish furniture will lure customers in and keep them there. Decor and furniture can greatly influence what people eat and how much they spend.

3. Artwork and Restaurant Theme

Paintings and photographs in dining areas help set theme and mood. These are both important, as it gives customers a basis on how to remember and describe your restaurant.

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4. Colors

Having a color scheme with welcoming hues will make customers hungry and welcomed. “With all else being equal, the more effectively a restaurant design utilizes color to establish an image, create ambiance and arouse customer’s appetites, the greater the chances are for long-term success,” states Jackie Lohrey in an article on the psychology of colors in restaurants.

5. Friendly and Helpful Restaurant Staff

A friendly and helpful staff is a must. Without them, customers will not enjoy their dining experience and will certainly not be back. Your staff is a major part of your customers’ overall satisfaction, learn how to create a memorable experience for your patrons!

Six Ways to Create a Memorable Customer Experience

6. Keep a Clean and Cleanly Restaurant

Clutter is chaotic and turns off clients. It also gives off the feeling that your restaurant isn’t too attentive to standards of cleanliness for cooking and serving food.

7. Keep Customer Comfort in Mind

Regulating your restaurant’s temperature is essential. Also, use the weather outside to leverage certain menu options into sales. If it’s cold and rainy outside, serve soup that day.

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